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Sometime between December 26th and December 29th 2004, Mega Web Services and/or performed some sort of activity on their servers which resulted in numerous outages and a subsequent corruption of this account, from corrupted domain handling to wrong quota information. Support requests were sent in the early hours of the 30th and the latest report is that they have been working on it ever since, and small steps of progress have been made although the main site remains corrupted as of Jan 1st 2005. Hopefully this will be resolved as soon as possible.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience.

Update: Jan 06 2005.

I can't believe nothing's been resolved until now. I'm not sure if I wasn't taken seriously or not, but over the past few days the trouble ticket hasn't really gone anywhere. The most recent "update" was that my ticket was resolved, but in reality there were still corruption issues with the domain manager DNS info and over 450 Meg of site content was completely missing. Enough is enough. I've pretty much given up.

So while it's been a good 3 1/2 years together, with quick problem resolution and overall superb reliability, I can't see myself progressing in terms of building new sites and content on this hosting service.

To those who worked diligently on attempting to resolve this problem, I thank you.

To those responsible for the botched up migration that caused this, be thankful for your continued employment... anywhere in the industry, an activity such as this migration during a holiday period coinciding with increased user activity and a naturally decreased support staff would be considered preposterous.